Digital Foudy explains Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons it is available exclusively on the Nintendo console Switch since last 20 march, attracting players with its load of strategy and sympathy.

Now, the boys of Digital Foundry they have decided to put under the magnifying glass and the new title of the Big N, analyzing the merits and defects of the charts.

You can find the movie in question just below:

The aim of the game is to build a new life on a deserted island, paying off the expensive Tom Nook for giving us a way to start a real adventure in this small paradise on Earth.

We remember in every case that Animal Crossing New Horizons saw a debut from 1.88 million copies in the retail market, thereby establishing the best launch ever on the Nintendo Switch to the japanese market.

You have already read that a wedding ceremony was held right inside of the game, with all of the photos – and virtual – of the occasion?

Finally, in our review of the game, we explained that “don’t reinvent anything, not revolution, nothing but, as a New Leaf before him, it messes up the cards on the table to give us a fresh experience and different compared to the previous. For this reason, New Horizons, manages to steal the title of best episode of the series to its predecessor, bringing the series to new heights.”

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