Discovery Tour of the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey helps teachers with the lessons in the quarantine

You remember that famous fairy tale of the video game ugly and the bad? Probably yes, because we heard it repeat so many times that it is difficult to be escaped. And yet, we are gathered here today to add an additional page to the already rich volume in which we told each other about different stories where video games have had a positive impact on real life –that is to save Notre Dame from the fire in Assassin’s Creed Unity or because they were able to honor the memory of a fan, immortalised in the world of his favorite video game.

Discovery Tour of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey helps teachers with the lessons in the quarantine

Given the current world situation, the story today is of course a history of quarantine. Vincenzo Pietropaolo says on his Twitter profile he had helped his mother to give a lecture in live streaming, the need of isolation social current. How has he done? With the Discovery Tour of the Assassin’s Creed Odysseyintegrated by Ubisoft in order to bring the players to the discovery of the true Ancient Greece, like real tourists digital.

The message Pietropaolo has been appreciated by the same Ubisoft Italy, who has dedicated a beautiful little heart. As hoped for, then, his Discovery Tour claim that role of a didactic tool, and cultural with which the company transalpina had always presented: in case you missed what we’re talking about, you can make up (and starting immediately, at the time of the classical age of the hellenic world) with our in-depth.

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