DreadOut 2, spirits rancorosi and folklore indonesian – Review

Despite the lukewarm reception given to the first chapter, with DreadOut 2 the indonesian Digital Happiness attempt to revive its horror series on the market, aware of the fact that the genus has again a very high peak of popularity. Taking advantage of the wave of survival horror, and all of those titles that in some way they are reiterating what the themes of dark are among the most popular, DreadOut 2 it joins the already large group of works of terror, with the desire to eliminate the obvious problems that have arisen in the past.

Asian Terror

The first DreadOut appeared as a title clearly inspired by Project Zerowith the mechanical classic of the capture of the ghosts through the camera that, in the specific case analyzed, were almost completely replicated by a modern smartphone. The protagonist was Linda, a young student of high school who, along with some of his companions and the teacher, and spent a day different from the usual, far from the benches of the school. The small group discovered, in spite of having lost the way and have remained confined in a remote indonesian village, where ancient customs and events of the paranormal and ended up with awaken the ancient demon creatures.

DreadOut 2, after the catastrophic events of the first chapter (on which we prefer not to elaborate further), continues to follow the stories of the same protagonist. Linda now has to struggle with the psychological consequences of that trip sinister that has forever changed the lives, facing also a mysterious force after the breaking of the sacred seal: the snake Blorong is now free to run around with ghosts that populate the areas that the protagonist will have to eradicate, but there is a newness that changes and makes it more diverse and the game system designed for DreadOut 2. This time, the demonic entities will be divided into two groups: the intangible and the physical. The first must be combated through the use ofIrisPhonein a manner identical to what was seen in the previous game; the physical entities are immune to the influence of the mystical of photographs, therefore, are to be deleted, using real weapons, many of which are of fortune and not always equipped for long periods of time.

DreadOut 2, spirits rancorosi and folklore indonesian – Review

For DreadOut 2, this is a novelty not just because it gives the series a greater push towards the dynamic action that extends more to do with the spectrum of decision making of the player, also in virtue of how the scenarios change the availability of the instruments of offence. Happen in fact to be to wield a powerful axe, or to be without weapons when there would be more need, forcing the user to engage with objects to be thrown onto enemies to limit the stroke. Then there are moments when the escape remains the best decision possible, especially if you consider that escape from the clutches of certain opponents, is not at all an act so obvious and simple. Moreover, during some boss fight, or the fighting at the dam with opponents that have both forms, Linda has to switch between the smartphone and the weapons, and soon what are the best times for you to get the most from situations that appear hopeless.

DreadOut 2 and the spiritualism of the east

In spite of the pleasing additions, a number of problems related to the combat system emerge already from the first bars. The first boss of DreadOut 2, for example, has a second phase in which an evil spirit is moving at a speed so high as not to allow to frame it and photograph it for time, turning the battle in question in a process of trial & error dependent in large measure on the good luck to be in the right place and at the right time. Due to the not high reactivity of Linda, in addition, it is not always easy to be able to do exactly what you had in mind in the period of time needed to execute the perfect attack. At other times, in different situations, you had to anticipate the input of attack for contravention of the endogenous slowness of a game system that is, unfortunately, borrowed almost everything from the first DreadOut, which on the rump, six years.

DreadOut 2, spirits rancorosi and folklore indonesian – Review

But DreadOut 2 also has a charm all its own that aligns to the productions of j-horror of all the existing media: recalls such films as Ju-On Takashi Shimizu, novels such as Strangers of Taichi Yamada, and more in particular the stories in traditional folklore, the occult and indonesian. Wandering among the narrow streets of countries semi-abandoned, the buildings crumbling and shrouded in darkness, and in areas of another dimension which could be the result of a curse or of the terrible psychological impact of Linda, in DreadOut 2 there is no shortage of the typical ingredients of the horror of asia. However DreadOut 2 looks like the work of a little avant-garde, both technically and structurally. They have been almost completely eliminated those puzzles that are incomprehensible in the first DreadOut, so wacky, illogical and without handles tangible as to be intelligible only to those who had them designed.

DreadOut 2 it is certainly the most accessible of the first game, even if it is still of the pantani insidious that are running into the frustration of the players most patients. Technically, however, has not made great strides compared to six years ago: the quality of the texture has certainly improved, as well as animations and polygon modeling, but the transition to the Unreal Engine has not delivered the hoped-for fruit and relegates DreadOut 2 a product will not be very satisfactory from this point of view. And, unfortunately, from all the others.

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