Dreams, that’s all (but all) of the games inspired by Super Mario

A few days ago we revealed that some of the content dedicated to the hydraulic Super Mario have been removed from the title of Media Molecule, Dreamsvery probably, for the explicit request of Nintendo, and to protect its intellectual property.

Now, the portal american-IGN has decided to publish a video in which are shown all the “games” dedicated to the mascot of the Big N.

Just below you will find the video and the complete list (with authors):

  • Super Mario 64 Remastered by AmazSpiderMan15
  • Bathroom Mario by differentialise
  • Mario bros by tdlee05
  • Whomp”s Fortress + Bonus Level by BranchingZebra
  • Super Mario Dreams by chasseur_de_jeux
  • Super Jump Lost World by kane669
  • Super Mario Infinity-by-SilverDragon-x-

Certainly, some of the works made by the users, are surely worthy of note, while others leave a bit of time (in spite of the effort, to be clear).

However, Mario is not the only successful ips to be replicated in Dreams: just think of the amazing fan-made dedicated to Grand Theft Auto, Croc, Dead Space, the Simpsons, and Call of Duty Zombies, as well as a “space opera” inspired in everything No Man’s Sky.

Finally, in a review of Dreams published on gametrailers found several days ago, you can find all the information about the exclusive to the console PlayStation 4.

Source: IGN, USA | Via: GN

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