A patent filed by Sony in 2018 and made public only this month, seems to suggest a new feature call “Direct Gameplay” for PS5.

This feature would allow you to enter specific parts of a game by skipping the components that are not needed for a particular experience, such as menus and other intermediate steps.

Examples of the uses that are made of Direct Gameplay are the ability to enter directly into the game of a friend on a multiplayer game or in a specific chapter of a title in single-player.

Another interesting example relates to the possibility of this mechanic to show dynamic content, like a Trophy that a player might want to try to unlock or the activities of a friend, and let them access directly, without further step as above.

PS5, Direct Gameplay to enter directly into a multiplayer game

The functionality would be highly customizable by the developers, and this means that the “link” of a certain game would be unique and linked to its intrinsic nature.

The impression is that the patent has found application in the operating system of the PS5, since the reveal of the architecture of the console the manager Mark Cerny had suggested something very similar.

The operating system of the PlayStation 5 will have an interface that is very quick, enhanced, yes the SSD is two times faster than that of the Xbox Series X but also by the vision of the use of games as a movie or a TV series on Netflix.

Source: VGC