The fear from COVID-19 in Australia, the people run to buy… video-game consoles

Go to a country, a reaction that you find. Now many nations of the world are facing a period of quarantine and distancing the social order to slow the pandemic of COVID-19, with racing more or less ordered in the supermarkets or pharmacies to bring home the necessities of life and try, then, to leave the less possible, as long as supplies last. Unless you’re australian. In Australia, where the quarantine is not yet total, to be taken by assault were also the console for video gameswith the people who have decided to puntarci to not get bored in the period in which they will be forced to remain closed in the house.

To report the news 9, newsletter of the australian, which reports that the retail chain JB Hi-Fi were literally taken by storm, with stocks of PlayStation 4 and, above all, of Nintendo Switch that are snapped.

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The pattern grey of the Nintendo console, for example, is completely sold out, with a store manager that is know as the newsletter, which “because of the high demand, the Nintendo console Switch grey is currently not available for purchase, and the next stock there will arrive the first of April.”

In Australia have already been closed cinemas, bars, sporting events, and gyms – which is why people expect to stay for a long time in the house, particularly in light of a possibly imminent lockdown stricter, like the one we are living in Italy.

Interviewed by 9a customer said “I heard rumors that spoke of an imminent lockdown, so I decided to come here to buy a Nintendo Switch before they were all finished. I have never been one that loves to stay at home, but we have to do it.”

And here we come to the rescue, as she had hoped Nintendo for its Animal Crossing: New Horizons and as pointed out by Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, the video gameshelp us a little escape from reality. Among the games listed for the australian public, we find Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Madden NFL 20went particularly to steal from the shelves.

Even in the United States, according to the expert of the market and independent analyst Benji Sales, you are experiencing a similar phenomenon, with a surge in sales of the console in the last seven days. A perspective that confirms the words of Phil Spencer, who had spoken of “an unprecedented demand” for the video game market.


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