The first episode of the Council is now free!

The video game narrative The Council welcomes you in its atmosphere without spending a penny. In today’s day, in fact, the publisher Focus Home Interactive has announced that theepisode 1 of his adventure, is now available free on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

In the first episode, players follow Louis de Richet in the manor of Lord Mortimer, that is located in an island property. Here, try to find out what happened to their mother – in the company of some leading figures, such as Napoleon Bonaparte and the President of the United States George Washington. Distinguished guests is not enough, however, to reassure you, in a scenario where the mysteries seem to be really hidden in every nook and cranny.

The first episode of the Council is now free!

If the first episode should be to your liking, you can then proceed with the purchase of the full season, which will enable you to follow the story until the epilogue. As for the gameplay, we talk about an adventure heavily story-driven, in which the player makes the choices that have consequences on events and other characters, to which they bind mechanics from role-playing game.

You can learn more about what you think of The Council giving directly take a look at our review dedicated to the first episode.

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