The site of GTA 6 has been updated to march

The site the property of the publisher Take-Two Interactive has been updated in the month of march, as discovered by fans on Reddit.

The update of the site, not yet open to the public, it is checked for accuracy two days ago, on march 23.

This update implies that not references most of the home page, the Rockstar Games, and that step usually precedes the opening of a website – what you imagine is connected to the GTA 6.

The site of GTA 6 has been updated to march

Clearly, the mental passage immediate would be the connection between this operation and an announcement of the new Grand Theft Auto.

However, we do not have any information regarding a reveal of the next arrival to GTA 6despite the numerous rumors related to hoped – and expected, as suggested by the tax relief granted to Rockstar Games in development – new episode of the franchise.

In most occasion, it is rumored more than one city, that they could resume the glories of the GTA Vice City, as well as a return to the protagonists and multiple, similar to what you tested with GTA V.

In a recent article on the topic, we talked about a possible new GTA it could not do less than be based on the success of GTA Online.

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