Control, The Foundation and improvements to the map available from today

The expansion The Foundation is now available for Controlthe last title of Remedy.

We have already expressed our opinion in a review published today, but below you can find further details on content included and a free update provided by the Finnish home.

The add-on will dig even more deeply into the history of the Oldest House: Jesse is, in fact, been informed by the Council that it is happening something strange in the basement of the Oldest House.

A mysterious structure, the Monolith, was damaged, and the Astral Plane is able to penetrate the foundation of the Oldest House. If Jesse will not find the way to put an end to all of this, the entire Oldest House, including the Bureau, will be lost.

Control, The Foundation and improvements to the map available from today

The Foundation it is available in solitary (€14,99) or as part of the season pass at a price of €24.99, which also includes the second expansion – AWE – which will be released at the end of summer 2020.

From today is available a free update for all players, on all platforms. It introduces improvements to the game map, to increase the readability, a new skill Ram with Shield, and updates and improvements to the skill tree, with the option to reallocate skill points spent, in addition to other improvements in general.

Control on the PC, and finally it is now playable at resolutions even higher, thanks to the introduction of the technology NVIDIA DLSS 2.0.

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