Into the Depths now available for Nintendo Switch

Shinsekai: Into the Depths it is now available digitally for the Nintendo Switch, at the price of €19.99.

The title, we learn in a press release, immerses players in the shoes of the last human survivor in a solitary struggle as you adventure deeper and deeper into a watery world of the unexplored, with the aim of escaping to a new ice age is approaching more and more.

In this journey, players will advance by collecting resources, upgrading your equipment, and creating items needed to descend deeper into the abyss. Should also keep an eye on levels of oxygen and pressure in the course of their exploration of this world and discover the secrets of the mysterious ruins hide.

The developers at Capcom Japan have made a new recording of the music and sound effects that will accompany the players as if they were transmitted by speakers immersed in the water, with the aim of greater realism.

Shinsekai: Into the Depths is available from today for Nintendo Switch

Shinsekai: Into the Depths adds several new features to version Nintendo Switch, such as the brand-new mode-time “Another Dive” with two levels of difficulty, as well as the new mode, “the Jukebox”. These are available today on Apple Arcade by update free.

In “Another Dive,” the players have to descend into a dangerous maze as fast as you can until you get to face a new monstrous menace.

After you have completed “Another Dive”, those who truly want to test their mettle can try the challenge of the difficulty ”Hardcore”, which adds even more pressure to the player, which will be dressed with an old wetsuit from the dive, and will have even less resources at their disposal.

Lovers of audio can take a break with the new mode, “the Jukebox”, which allows you to listen to your choice of background music and to experiment with a series of audio filters.

Soon, we will present a review of the title of Capcom in this new role, so stay tuned to gametrailers found for more details.

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