Madrid, 77enne violates quarantine to play Pokémon Go

A few days ago, we talked about, on our pages, in the case of thirty-year-old player Pokémon Go that, in spite of the security measures for the quarantine, has decided to take a walk to go hunting for Pokémon, in the province of Como.

Unfortunately, the example of the young is not left isolated: it comes in fact the news that someone has decided to do the same to Madrid, the epicenter of the epidemic in Spain. In this case, it is a 77enne that was stopped by the Police. When he was asked what were the valid reasons for which he stood outside of his house, the man explained to be “hunting Pokémon.”

pokemon go

Thus, the Municipal Police of Madrid took the opportunity to share the documents of this case and to explain that “go hunting for Pokémon or any other magical creature is PROHIBITED during this state of alert.”

No excuses, then: we are pretty sure that you all agree with us, when we seek to safeguard our health and that of our loved ones is more important than that acchiapparli all as soon as possible.

Recently, also, Pokémon Go it is up to date, to introduce changes that help the players to play without having to necessarily move from the house.

Source: Twitter

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