Nintendo Switch to be found in America (because coronavirus)

The pandemic coronavirus is forcing thousands of people in their home, in spite of a way to pass the time don’t miss for sure: the video game.

In this regard, it seems that in recent weeks the United States have remained literally dry-console Nintendo Switchbecause of the strong demand in this period because of the crisis of global public health.

Chains and platforms, such as Walmart, Best Buy, and GameStop, in addition to Amazon, B&H and eBay seem to be suffering from the lack of amount of hardware.

Nintendo Switch to be found in America (because coronavirus)

Also the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons would have increased enormously the demand for the Nintendo, so much so that the production mechanism of the console – blocked or slowed due to the outbreak – would not be able to ensure a normal supply of the unit.

But not only that: another cause would also be the various blocks to transportation, focusing now to the products of the first necessity, and not to goods as side games. We can only hope that the crisis linked to the COVID-19 to finish as soon as possible, allowing them to store shelves back in active.

We remember in every case that the sales of the console hybrid of the Nintendo in the domestic market have gone high, even in Japan, tearing up the results obtained with the Nintendo Wii.

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