Panzer Dragoonvideo game developed by Team Andromeda and released in 1995 by SEGA for the console Saturn, has landed on the surprise during the day today also on console Nintendo Switch in the official remake of the classic.

Now, it has appeared in the network a video – with a duration of 20 minutes – that allows us to give an in-depth look at the game in question.

The movie, which you can find below refers to the version of the game for the hybrid platform Nintendo:

The official description reads:

On a distant planet and the lonely you’ll encounter two dragons awakened from antiquity. Equipped with a lethal weapon coming from the past and guided by your armored blue dragon, you must fulfill your destiny and prevent the Dragon prototype to reach the tower.

  • Pilot your dragon through seven amazing levels super-realistic, from the city that overlook the tropical oceans to the intricate underground ruins.
  • Fight against the Dragon, the prototype that appears with giant dragonflies, evil, terrible wasps of the human dimension, huge lugworms and lethal warships flying.
  • He attacks the enemy without mercy as quickly as each side thanks to the improved controls to 360 degrees and the possibility of target lock.

But not only that, just below, you can also find the launch trailer Panzer Dragoon Remake:

This new edition of Panzer Dragoon proposes a revised version of the original game, the faithful, but with better graphics and improved controls, to adapt to today’s standards. The game is available at the price of 24,99 eurovia the eShop.

Source: YouTube | Via: GN