Valorant presents the agent Sage – gametrailers found

Valorant presents today the agent of the chinese Sage, a character with healing abilities that will be useful in the fighting more aggressive.

The title is a multiplayer shooter tactical from the creators of League of LegendsRiot Games, announced just a few weeks ago.

Sage has among his skills, one that allows you to resurrect your team mates, but is certainly not limited to this.


Slow Orb allows you to slow down enemies, Barrier Orb is useful for the creation of a wall that will block other players in pursuit – the right button of the mouse, you can place it in the selected direction.

Of course, finally, there is a Healing Orb, a sphere with which to heal an ally or yourself to maximum health in just a few seconds.

In case you’re interested in this ambitious project extra LoL Riot, you can take a look at our preview Valorant.

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