You are underestimating the power of the Xbox Series X in the USA, for an analyst

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X face towards to the market, by the end of 2020, starting definitely by specific park titles, but also from their positions with the current generation, represented by the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In fact, we know that there are both consumers who decide to change platform, and those who prefer to keep the same ecosystem, and that will pass as well from the Xbox One to the Xbox Series the X – or from PS4 to PS5.

In this situation, according to the well-known market analyst independent Benji Sales, many are, however, forgetting the big tow that the brand Xbox is collecting in the United States.

According to the expert, “the more I look at things, the more I think that people are underestimating the potential sales of the new Xbox next-gen could reach the United States. I think it will be much better, on that market, since people will expect – even if the global world is still PS5. The Xbox will sit very well on the market.”

You are underestimating the power of the Xbox Series X in the USA, for an analyst

In spite of the beginning limping, especially at the level of promotion-the communication of Xbox One (remember both the question of always-online, is that it is a Kinect bundled in the box that maggiorava the price), the platform has, however, had “respectable results in the United States, whereas in Europe that things have really worsened.”

Benji the Sales adds that “a lot of people forget how strong the brand Xbox in Usa, Xbox. 360 has been a monster in these parts.”

This does not mean that the Xbox Series X will dominate the market undisturbed – indeed, as I said, the analyst expects that the PlayStation 5 will have more success on a commercial level. Nevertheless, “not be the number 1 does not necessarily mean fail. If I can make a prediction really soooo in advance, I can say that PS5 according to me will still have an advantage in sales, also in the USA. But this does not mean that the Xbox Series X will not be a great success of his.”

With good peace of the console war, in short, the success of the PlayStation 5 would not affect the Xbox Series X, with Microsoft that would put the goals of his – different from “we must necessarily overcome PS5”.

We will see at the end of the year and at the beginning of the next if the forecast of the expert will come to fruition and if it will be mostly that of the united states, once again, to establish itself as the market prince of the world Xbox.

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