Bravely Default II, a demo from the taste of the family – Tried

The announcement at The Game Awards was perhaps one of the most unexpected and appreciated, and now – in a matter of a little more than three months – is already the time when they first tried it: Bravely Default II up the ladder, and confirm, thanks to a demo now available on Nintendo eShop, one of the games to keep an eye on in 2020.

Yesterday, Nintendo has flooded these pages, and the network in the complex with a Direct Mini that was nothing short of amicable, which not only was not anticipated by a reveal of shape, but is delivered to the destination already full of a sea of ads to Switch; between these, in case you were legitimately lost, there is also the above-mentioned demonstration version of the JRPG, Square Enix.

Waiting for the full title, in the launch ramp for this year, we have tested the demo and prepared initial impressions about his behavior, Joy-With the hand.

Bravely Default II, a demo from the taste of the family – Tried

Do not leave the old road for the new…

The work of the Team and Asano Claytechworks proves to be right from the very beginning very conservative compared to the canons of the franchise, highlighting how the goal of production is to expand the potential audience of the series – limited so far, among the many quotes on the quantitative aspect of the term, to the audience of the Nintendo 3DS – a console from the commercial success overflowing what is Nintendo Switch.

The art direction is, for example, the same set with the two previous chapters of the series, as well as, briefly, even for the critically-acclaimed (and underrated, in our view) Octopath Travelerwith this sort of watercolor to outline a framework for deliciously nuanced, like the blur that now put in the first one, now on the second floor of the settings and the characters according to the needs; there has been a clear upgrade on polygonal models, the accomplice and step on the Switch, and certain moments, especially in the final laps and in the main hub, are very satisfactory to the eye.

But, beyond these aspects on which we will have pleasure to come back for the final review, it is clear that both the combat system the developers have not wanted to put the hand, to avoid distorting what, today, is the most characteristic aspect of Bravely; we speak the yes of the classic turn-based, but with a twist that lets you turn on how to turn off on to the birth of the battles.

Bravely Default II, a demo from the taste of the family – Tried

The combat system Bravely Default II it is based once again on thethe alternation of the mechanics Brave and Default that give the name of the game; with the first we can get up to three moves, in additional to our shifts, “returning the debt” without prejudice in the following ones, while with the second there is given the chance of store points to spend on moves in the rounds following and in the meantime increase the parameters of the defence of the characters.

Put in black and white, the dynamics can seem a little complicated, but, as will the veterans among you, his understanding of the basis does not require a learning curve excessively steep; the mastery, however, is another thing, and understand when to limestone hand with a triple, Brave, or when to tighten the belt waiting to unleash their potential is something that comes with a bit of practice – and it is capable to change seriously the fate of a battle.

As in the original and in the already mentioned Octopath Travelertherefore, is the combat system to steal the scene, both for the brilliance of his light, and because the approach to the creation of this sequel, there seems to be very faithful to the previous episodes. The rest, of which we will discuss in the next lines, it is a judgment connected only to the demo version, and that in any case do not distinguish the elements already seen on the predecessors, in order to give you an idea only of the experience on this occasion.

Bravely Default II, a demo from the taste of the family – Tried

The hands on demo

Prepared ad hoc for the occasion, the demo Bravely Default II there has fleetingly the fabric of the narrative in the game, before us to let us know all four members of the party led by Seth, a sailor with years of trade behind. The four around the world in an attempt to recover the Asterisks, of special crystals, stolen from the kingdom of Glory causing irreparable damage as we learned in the level exhibited in this version – the rise of the tides.

This build will unlock immediately five classes (more of a recoverable not just beat boss final, which tend to arrive with a job already maximized to the value of “excellence”), assignable to your liking for each of the four available characters. Do not miss the cornerstones of the genre as the classic expert in black magic, the curator and the monk, and all the characters will change clothes depending on that choice to give immediately the idea of customization.

The game doesn’t tell you which class we put him in our character, although there are “clues” scattered through their constitution in the menu, and a secondary – that you will not be level once fitted – will always be available to give you a smattering of hybridization useful to throw you out of trouble if a member of the party should go ko.

Bravely Default II, a demo from the taste of the family – Tried

The level cap in the demo is set to 20, and we tell you immediately that they have to achieve this – worth instakill, or nearly so, caused by the enemies in the mini dungeons, the final and in the surrounding area. The rate of challenge, perhaps punitive damages for a “product” of the genre, to the point that even after maxato the protagonists have to sharpen our wits to come out as winners, but we certainly can not pick you up to tell you that there is sorry to spend 5+ hours with Bravely Default II so early in the morning.

The difficulty of the demo version was admittedly (in the literal sense of the term, at the beginning of the game is exposed a “sign” that explains it) set up so as to give them a taste of the fighting in 360 degrees before the launch and push in an artificial way the players at the cap, but we were only introduced a primary mission and a secondary; this means that you’ll have to give you the grinding more wild, so get prepared to not only to the final showdown, but also in the dungeon that precedes him.

Developers have proven to be widely aware of nature “grindosa”, drop by the end of this demo, and have implemented some measures that do not make it too heavy: the battles are velocizzabili and have automatic commands if we wanted to replicate the same moves, and it is especially appreciated is the ability to press and hold the “A” key instead of pigiarlo to each input to perform an action and not having to do forward/backward in the menu if we become aware of in the running want to use Brave additional or Default.

Bravely Default II, a demo from the taste of the family – Tried

Are small nuances we liked already in the context of the demo, think about a game the size of a JRPG complete, where we are pretty sure will make the difference; the hope clearly is that there is more content to “craft” in the full version and you do not rely on the iteration continues disconnected from the narrative material, or, however, the most rewarding part of the simple drag and drop to the level cap.

Another detail on which we would like to see an intervention of the team at the service of Square Enix is the quality of the interactions with the mob along the map: them for the first means to bring home the initial round of the match, and sometimes this is difficult both for the small size of the characters-like the chibi and weapons, both because of the perspective it is not account of the real distances; this impression may have been exacerbated by the nature of the environments, and dips of the dunes in a location with a desert, but it is better to put you immediately on guard.

Always on the same theme, we close with a pleasant note: the game we report in real time when we’ll be able to tackle a dungeon through a trick that’s very pleasant, that is, the dynamic change of the approach of the enemy to our presence. If they were stronger than we: therefore, as soon as you realize that our level will be higher will start to run away or ignore you; an indicator that we have found very useful in a build that is so reliable and long-lived.

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