European head of Sony Worldwide Studios leaves for TT Games

The european head of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios Michael Denny left the company after 25 years of militancy to join TT Games.

In the new job, Denny, who will report to Paul Gouge, studio head of Playdemic, has the responsibility of defining the strategy, execution and business operation of all the offices of TT Games and its portfolio of securities, including the series of games bestselling LEGO.

“We welcome Michael to our team with great enthusiasm. We expect from TT Games, a future full of opportunities and a new strategy”, explained Haddad. “The considerable experience of Michael consolidated in the development of games, and in the direction of a studio, his vision and considerable expertise in the field make him perfect for a role so important.”

European head of Sony Worldwide Studios leaves for TT Games

“After 25 years with a stunning PlayStation, during which I had the privilege of working with fantastic people and a team of incredible talent, I wanted to seize a new opportunity”, commented Michael Denny. “TT Games is the studio with whom I have collaborated at the beginning of my work with the PlayStation and it is nice to see how grown up into one high-level study. I am very happy to be able to work with the leadership team of the company, have the opportunity to contribute to the definition of a new vision for TT and drive the firm toward future success”.

In Sony, Denny has been involved in the management of several internal studies, such as Guerrilla Games, Media Molecule and the London Studio, driving at the same time the productions of the first party-developed and externally to the platform PlayStation.

Denny has been appointed vice president and studio head of TT Games, as announced today by David Haddad, president of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

This is not the first reshuffle for Sony in view of the next-gen: the Worldwide Studios have a new guide, the former Guerrilla Games Hermen Hulst, for example, and at the same time the chairman Shuhei Yoshida has been passed to the management of relationships with indie developers.

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