GameStop will close 300 stores this year

GameStop announced the closure of around 320 stores around the world in the course of 2020.

The choice is part of plans already in place for some time now for the company, which pours into the financial conditions are very complex.

“In fiscal year 2020, we will continue our efforts to de-densify our store, with a focus on the maximisation of the productivity of the whole fleet”he explained the chief financial officer, Jim Bell, giving the reasons for the decision.

The same amount of stores had been closed in 2019, for which these operations are in line with previous (and very complicated) vintages of GameStop.

The chain currently consists of about 5,500 stores around the world.


GameStop was recently at the center of criticism for his management at least, objectionable to the end of the shops, the temporary in this case, due to the new coronavirus in the United States.

In Italy, it must be said, the operations went much more smoothly thanks to the intervention of the legislator of our own.

A year that should be more favorable for the giant of gaming, from the time that the PS5 and Xbox Series X will be available at the end of 2020 – no delays of any sort, this is at least the hope of the retailers.

Source: GameSpot

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