Mod replaces Jill in Resident Evil 3 with 2B If Automata

It started with just the demo Resident Evil 3to trigger the fantasies of the most amazing community of modders, ready to indulge themselves, replacing any content of the game with another. The most quoted is, needless to say, our dear protagonist Jill Valentinewho not only found herself at the center of a usual nude mod, but now it is even taking a break to let 2B If Automata to try to save Raccoon City in his place.

The mod is signed by Vyaomo and allows you, once downloaded and applied, to replace the model of the veteran S. T. A. R. S. with that of 2B – which is now one of the most sought by the modders, whereas it is often placed in the other games.

Mod replaces Jill in Resident Evil 3 with 2B If Automata

If you are interested, you can download the mod to this address – even if you have to unlock from your profile on the site NexusMods the possibility of seeing adult content.

Resident Evil 3 will come officially on April 3rd on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Because of the emergency coronavirus, Capcom has already stated that the physical copies of the game could be subject to slippages in deliveries in Europe, for reasons that (clearly) does not depend on the will or by the punctuality of the publisher.

For our summary video from the demo and our reflections in waiting for the video review, please refer to this article.

Source: NexusMods | VIA: DSOG

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