The Last of Us, the poster and teaser of a fan of the HBO series: Naughty Dog approves

A fan on Twitter has created a teaser video and two posters of the HBO series of The Last of Usas announced a few weeks ago, and early in development.

The teaser video, which arrived about twenty days after the original publication to his eye, has found the approval of Neil Druckmann, director of the series supernatural, as well as co-writer of the TV.

“Watch it”, he joked Druckmann in response to the clip, shown on Twitter at the beginning of march “and ” proposal” in the style of the opening theme of the show.

The fans, Olly Gibbs is his name, has shared in two poster that was imagined for the series The Last of Usone with the protagonists Ellie and Joel, the other with the virus that caused the apocalypse in the universe of the game.

The material is not official, we reiterate, that we are sure you will appreciate.

The Last of Us soon to become an HBO series, which will be written in four hands by the already mentioned Druckmann and from the creator of Chernobyl.

The series was conceived as a replacement for the film’s long development, which has never seen the light, and at this point, according to the report, not the would never in favor of this new work.

However, the times may not be short: the active development will start only once closed, the site of The Last of Us Part IIscheduled for may 29.

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