GTA 6, new clues from the curriculum of an actor

Only a few days ago, the journalist Jason Schreier of the head Kotaku he has made it known via Twitter that the announcement of Grand Theft Auto 6 (or GTA 6) it would be still quite far away, and that then the fans would do better to get the peace of mind.

And yet, it seems that something is moving, albeit timidly. In the curriculum of a mexican actor called Jorge Consejoand , it is indeed possible to read that the man took part in a project of Rockstar Games in 2018 in relation to a registration of a series of videos in computer graphics related (it seems) that’s right, Grand Theft Auto 6.

GTA 6, new clues from the curriculum of an actor

The Consejo would have in fact given voice to a character is identified with the pseudonym de “The Mexican“so much so that on Twitter he responded in a rather ambiguous to a fan who asked for explanations:

GTA 6, new clues from the curriculum of an actor

I can neither confirm nor deny my participation in the project (smiley smiley).

Let us also remember that in the last few hours the official website of Rockstar Games had been updated, and this had left to assume that something new on the next project – maybe GTA 6 – it was ready to be unveiled to the public at large.

In short, we’ll see if and when the highly anticipated sixth episode of the series criminal of Grand Theft Auto will finally take a fine show of itself, perhaps even on the console PS5 and Xbox Series X (highly likely).

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