Panzer Dragoon Remake: a quarter of a century and not feel it – Review

Surprisingly, in a period in which the good news of the sudden are like, Nintendo has released Panzer Dragoon Remake on the digital store, following publication of the Direct Mini a few days ago.
Excited at the chance to revisit a timeless classic among the exclusive most valid of the playroom of the deceased Sega Saturn, we rituffati headlong on the title: worth the bother in this trip in time?

Requiem for the Saturn

It was in the year 1995, at the dawn of the fight without quarter, then won resoundingly by Sony, between the Saturn and PlayStation: the hardware architecture of the machine Saw was complicated, a little like the PlayStation 3 in more recent times, and made it particularly difficult to develop titles in three dimensions, which at the time were the big news on the market.
Not enough, then, dozens of games in two dimensions (or two dimensions and a half) to save the machine Saw from the quick oblivion, but, nonetheless, some titles you leaned over and they were able to gain a slice of the public.

Panzer Dragoon it was definitely one of these: shooter on rails from the good graphic impact, and the unmistakable spirit arcade that characterized many productions Sega of the time, the title of Team Andromeda received a good reception by the critics as by the public, despite a simple gameplay and a duration small.

Today, a quarter of a century later, this remake port on Switch that feeling from the games room which the older generation will remember with pleasurestarting from the long cutscene, the unique taste of history in a concentrate solely on his game mechanics.

Set in a universe post-apocalyptic desert, between the influences of the Dunes, Hokuto no Ken, and some feature films in japanese, the title put the player in the saddle of a blue dragon without much preamble, in the role of a hunter of the desert, fearless and ready for adventure name Keil, at first the spectator and then actor in the history of the two dragons and their riders.

Panzer Dragoon Remake: a quarter of a century, and not to hear him – Review

The introduction of hasty and the almost total absence of dialogue are back in this version to Switch, in the develop which we tried to remain as faithful as possible to the original material, the results are mostly satisfactory. Many productions typically from room games have found a home on the hybrid car Nintendo, and Panzer Dragoon Remake seems perfectly at ease with short game sessions, and with the ability to play anywhere.

Classic or modern?

Although you could describe the gameplay of the production approach simply to the most recent episodes of Star Foxwith a camera that follows from behind the avatar and the enemies that come out from every where, the difference is not just in comparison to many other congeners resides in the possibility to be attacked from all four cardinal directions (also the shoulders), which makes it necessary to rely on basic radar in the upper right corner of the screen, in order to avoid surprise attacks from behind.

Aware of certain legnosità of the control scheme of the original, the developers have added to this remake a set of commands called “modern”, in which you can move separately the dragon, and the aiming reticule, with the left analog and the other with the right one, ensuring a greater accuracy of aim and obviating one of the problems of the original.
On the Sega Saturn, in fact, and also on the Switch, opting for the set of controls classic, move the targeting reticule also involves moving in the direction of the dragon, which can lead, in the most heated moments, to collect a series of shots unwanted.

Panzer Dragoon Remake: a quarter of a century, and not to hear him – Review

Of the two modes of fire, direct and fast, and the other to search but slower, the second is largely preferable, because it tracks the targets and always hits, but certain categories of enemies are immune to blows to search, as well as the enemies ‘ projectiles, which can be intercepted only by using the direct shooting.

There is, therefore, a thin substratum of strategic in the game mechanicsalthough it is soul, arcade, the entire reflexes and a glance, the one that prevails in a strong way: Panzer Dragoon Remake it is pure adrenaline, while never reaching the insane levels of certain bullet hell or classic shooters like the recent titles Psikyo published on the Switch.

Along the the six episodes that make up the short main campaign then there is the place for many battles against huge bosses, and fairly varied in terms of attack patterns and weak points, especially in the event you choose to opt for the third of the three difficulty levels are selectable, the one that comes closest to the challenge offered by the original on Saturn twenty-five years ago (and that made us spit out blood and swearing assorted).

Panzer Dragoon Remake: a quarter of a century, and not to hear him – Review

Sin, then, that the work of reconstruction has not involved the content: any stage additional unpublished would have enhanced the production and made it more tolerable the asking price, to which we shall return later, as well as a system for achievement or the presence of new difficulty levels or new enemies would have increased the variety of the package and offered more reasons to proceed to the download outside of the nostalgia for the thirties.

How many colors

Hard to complain of the work done on the presentation of the title, that is adequate to modern standards, and cleaned up in every aspect, on a visual level: the palette of colors of the original, rather dull, has been considerably enlivened, giving the product a decidedly more glossy and colorful, with an aesthetic that veers more towards warm tones, and cartooneschi, while respecting the artistic direction of the original.

Very good from the point of view of performance, even in laptop mode, where we spent the vast majority of the time of the test: the 30 fps are rather substantial in all situations, even when the screen is full of projectiles and opponents, and we have not encountered any particular problems, if not the occasional phenomenon of pop-in and loading delayed some of the texture of the surface, which struggled to adjust to the speed of the gameplay.
Panzer Dragoon Remake it is certainly one of the most beautiful seen on the Switch, basically, but the work done is admirable and respectful of the source material.

Panzer Dragoon Remake: a quarter of a century, and not to hear him – Review

The soundtrack, composed of a handful of new arrangements of the original pieces but most of the tracks of the era, is still defends very well, and will scroll a certain shiver down the spine of those who remember the afternoons spent to start over dozens of times for the stage are more complex, as the fourth (damn!).

Also appreciate the addition of a photo modethat also enables you to apply different filters for the photographers, the skilled among the fans of the franchise, but the real thorn in the side is represented by the ratio quantity/price, hardly acceptable nowadays.
As at the time of the first output, the game can be completed in about two hours, scarce (even less for the more skilled), and the asking price, which is currently very close to twenty-five euro, is, frankly, overwhelming not just for the amount of content, but also for the all in all, the limited rate of the replay value of the title.

From a long time fan of the Saturn and the original, we are happy to have the chance to bring us always behind a fetish of our teenage years, however worthily redone, but we still waited for a price drop before buying and that is what we recommend to our readers.

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