World of Horror, the horror the 1-Bit that is inspired by the works by junji Ito – Review

The review of World of Horror cannot not open with the obvious associations of the game of Panstasz the works of Lovecraft and, above all, those of the master of japanese horror By Junji Ito. The first reflects the horrors, cosmic and everlasting, those unspeakable, accrued by the dark will of the ancient gods to be malicious. The mangaka is the author of Tomie and Gyo instead takes the style of the new weird associated to the terrors of the urban to the events of the inexplicable that squassano the everyday life of the common people.

In the World of Horror, a world of endless pain

World of Horror sinking also its roots in the traditional folklore of japaneseby presenting the figures as a Aka Manto (evil spirit that haunts the bathrooms of schools and public buildings) and Kuchisake-Onna (the woman with the mouth ripped from ear to ear), along with disturbing stories are typical of the dark horror of the rising sun. If you consider that the author is Polish, the result is even more staggering, at least as much as the fact that visual art 1-bit World of Horror is passed exclusively through the use of simple Microsoft Paint.

World of Horror, the l’horror 1-Bit, inspired by works by junji Ito – Review

World of Horror immerses you in a rural town not far from the japanese coast, putting in scene ten mysteries to solve along an adventure that lasts for just a handful of hours. However the replay value is assuredbecause the progress along the stories has a roguelite in which generated situations and scenarios randomici, in part, dependent on the choices made at certain stages. The static screen shots are exactly like those of the point-and-click from the early days, but the soul of Rpg World of Horror emerges in most situations and enriches the binary exploratory cases to solve.

We happened to investigate within a school, asking questions of the students, to rummage in the lockers and collect information. All, while strange and disturbing details emerged and gave the body to a story that you could guess how surreal were some of the events. Then, we also tried to see clearly in a gloomy story that tells of some boys who were lost in a forest. Other games you will see players in different places, and will put in a new light the events, because the perspectives of the characters change the focus on certain information. The substance, however, does not change: you will always need to find ways of “creative” to get out of it, because World of Horror is really a world of horror and terrible, and merciless, which does not leave much margin for error.

World of Horror, the l’horror 1-Bit, inspired by works by junji Ito – Review

Choices and consequences

The reason is soon said: to survive you need to be able to maintain their sanityimprove their strength and care with attention to your own statistics, always shown on-screen and in full view. Some enemies can create torment in the psychological, cause debilitating effects, or even worse, lead to death if you do come prepared. The unpredictability and the randomness of certain events to ensure a good voltage (as it may be known that in a genre decidedly not dynamic), and each mystery leads to outcomes, and different end, a demonstration of the fact that developers have preferred to focus on a few elements but good density interactive.

The main problem of World of Horror is its confusing menu managementa little bit retro (in this case, we say it with a negative connotation) and full of elements that seem almost made in bulk, incorporated inside of the screens so far too homogeneous. It is not something that helps the newbies, who likely will be unwilling to approach a project of great charm but little to friendly with those who do not come from an era in video games really very far away.

World of Horror, the l’horror 1-Bit, inspired by works by junji Ito – Review

World of Horror it is, however, a high-level product, with plenty of citations (self-evident that to Uzumaki of Ito, but also to Class Drifting of Kazuo Umezu), a taste for the horror the japanese strong and never really trivial, and a soundtrack chiptune really original and able to engage and highlight the great moments, the most significant.

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