The site changes, and the fans think that Crash Bandicoot is preparing an ad

The official website of Crash Bandicoot has undergone some changes on the home page and there are many of the fans who have linked this retouching to the preparation of an ad.

In particular, the official site no longer has the No Sane Trilogy in the slider main, reserved now only to the last update Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled.

crash bandicoot playstation plus

The change is actually suspicious when you consider that No Sane Trilogy it is now seen as the flagship product of the return of the marsupial in the world of gaming, after years and years of absence from the scene.

Many think that the disappearance of content is so important from the main page of the site is not the prelude to the appearance of another of the size and resonance comparable; a position that it would be up to a new game in the franchise in full rule.

Of course, the rumor on the subject Crash Bandicoot there, and started for the accuracy from the last to The Game Awards in December, where it was thought – due to the sending of promotional materials on the several influencers, as it was for CTR – that would come an announcement of Activision.

The most recent rumor, which seems somewhat reliable, having already anticipated the existence of a remaster of the campaign Modern Warfare 2speaks of the recovery of Wrath of Cortex and a PvP-centric franchise.

Curiously, it popped a few weeks with lots of images is an endless runner of the Crash but this has never been confirmed.

For the moment it is only speculation, but the publisher, the american has never made any secret of wanting to relaunch the series in full regalia after the latest release of success.

Source: ResetEra

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