Resident Evil 3, a mod to show the Nemesis of the original ’99

Many fans of the original Nemesis were disappointed by the redesign operated by Capcom for the remake of Resident Evil 3.

For the happiness of the fans, the modder “ghost” has published its “Classic ” Nemesis” mod for the demo of the game, which replaces the polygonal model of the character with that in mind, in Marvel vs Capcom.

Those who are interested can download the required files to the the following address.

Waiting for the release of the title, scheduled for next 3 April on Microsoft Xbox One, Sony Playstation 4 and Windows PCsome modders have already indulged themselves with some of the creations are unexpected, including the mod that replaces Jill Valentine with 2B If Automata, or the one that replaces the Nemesis with the Trenino Thomas.

Unfortunately, due to a health emergency due to pandemic Coronavirus COVID-19 is currently in progress, the shipping of the physical copies can be delayed in Europe. Recently, thanks to the diffusion of a trailer completely focused on Jill Valentine, we came to know that the beautiful heroine sara can also be used in Resident Evil Resistance.

It seems that Capcomafter the success of the remake of Resident Evil 2 last year, is committed to the development of more remakes in a modern key. In our special we have tried to make the point on the situation.

Source: DSOG

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