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The author of the review: Apollonius

In the sea of indie games, emergence can be anything but easy. The risk of drowning for the ruthless competition of products, more and more refined in every aspect, and filled with content, and go sadly unnoticed. This could be the fate of the small Pikuniku, that on top of the foot, is facing the world and, with grace and simplicity, has been shown to wallow in the great tricky waters of digital.

In the adventure, signed Sectordub it is called to assume the role of an unlikely creature, Piku. Literally the most hilarious ball and biped that you could wish for. Seeing zompettare the first reaction is one of wanting him as a pet. Nevertheless, outside of the cave in which he lives is known only as ”the beast” and all keep their distance. At least until our for nothing ferocious friend will not leave the den and begin to explore the surrounding world. A generous ecosystem to scroll horizontal and vertical, with funny supporting characters, both goodies and puzzles elementary, but pleasant. Pikuniku is capable to win from the very beginning, to the bright colors and simple lines, to the music, strutting and lively, and the dialogues inconclusive. The reality in which it takes life, the story is petite but vibrant: in a few hours, in spite of ourselves, we have spent in the company of Piku we pleasantly explored every nook and cranny. Trophies, secrets and situations that are memorable and demented around the corner make you want to scour every area, and to retrace their steps before venturing into the next one. Do not go into details to not spoil the surprise but it is worth not rushing at breakneck speed toward the finale, which in any case will not delay to arrive.

It does not shine, in fact, the longevity of the title. The titles of the tail coming terribly soon, and shortly addresses the presence of trading. If the rhythm it helps, not touched by the long-drawn-questionable, it is also true that the impression is that a lot still you would give, without burdening the adventures of Piku.


This wandering is called upon to solve small puzzles and overcoming often the hurdles of an environmental nature as a bridge unfit for use or trunks capitombolati on the path, and all you can say but not that the situations in the beijing variety. All of this has basically skipping, dragging or kicking objects. Nothing complex, in each case, therefore, if you are looking for a challenge, we will inevitably be disappointed because the resolution of the puzzles is almost mechanical, and the side of the platform just sketched. At the beginning you may have the impression that you require solutions that can encourage the creativity and patience of the player, but soon surrenders to the fact that the space for the imagination of both little and that everything works as smooth as oil. Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing, an experience like that of which you write may be balsamic for the minds and the hands of the players more hardened, taking on the contours more than a little modern fairy tale. Most interesting in this context is, therefore, enjoy the physics of the game elements and how they interact with the protagonist while, in turn zompetta clumsy, try the improbable power ups and indulge in the friendliness and variety of vicissitudes. It is difficult not to be smiling or to be surprised at the improbability.

To contribute enormously to the frame we think the graphics and the music. Minimal, from the colors very lively and pleasant before while with a lively and easy-going the second, both are the flagships of the production of the anglo-French and will make the joy of those who approach it with the right spirit.

The great fault of Pikuniku, to make the flea, is one: not satisfied. Not only flows away too quickly, not helped by the extreme ease in it, but many find convincing do not have a more complete application, and it is a sin. A little bit of everything but not too much of anything. There is a lot of delicacy in the choices of the developers, and the general equilibrium but a strong belief in the development of the individual parts, from the heart of the gameplay to the plot, would have made it even more interesting is the collection from the time that the lack of ideas, it doesn’t seem to be a problem in London. Margins improved, despite the goodness of the result, it would be huge because sometimes one has the impression of having to do with fruit that is tasty, but still immature. On balance, however, the beauty of Pikuniku it is also and above all in its being lightweight, as soon as hatched, to give an adventure a modest but unmistakable.

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