Resident Evil 3, the frame rate is improved on Xbox One

In recent weeks, we reported a frame rate dancer on the demo Resident Evil 3 for the Xbox One and the Xbox One X.

And now, thanks to a new analysis of Digital Foundry, we can find out if the situation has improved in the full version of the game output on the 3rd April 2020.

As we learn, the problem of the frame rate it remained unchanged, and it is due to the fact that Capcom has implemented a higher resolution on Xbox One X compared to the other versions.

On PS4 Pro the game runs at 2880×1620, with checkerboard rendering, while on Xbox One X the resolution is 2160p (4K), however, has been achieved through a reconstruction.

Resident Evil 3, the frame rate is improved on Xbox One

In addition, Xbox One X it has a better depth of field and shadows in a slightly higher resolution; this, together with the resolution, it involves more difficulties in the frame rate which always remains below the 60fps in this release.

In this case, we talk about an average of 50fps and drops in 30 frames per second during scenes with explosions on the screen.

Xbox One base is not doing much better: we have a frame rate between 30 and 60fps is the goal the latter is rarely reached; in general, the game runs worse Resident Evil 2.

Digital Foundry says that Capcom would be aware of the problem and could take care of them, evidently with a touch up, at least, of the resolution or of the effects, in a patch post launch.

If you are interested in learning more, we took care of the title in a dual review: one for Resident Evil 3and the other for the Resident Evil Resistance.

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