Gamestop, Boston, orders the closing of a store still open during lockdown

Despite the lockdown at the national level, Gamestop it continued to serve its customers by holding open a shop in Boston.

The city, consequently, it ordered the company to close the business. According to the newspaper The Boston Globein fact, the department that is in charge of controlling the respect of legal provisions, issued the order last Tuesday, after having verified that the shop of Dorchester continued to operate for several days.

The staff sold the games through a hole in the door by wearing gloves or plastic bags to Gamestop wrapped on their hands, as recommended by an email to the company’s internal.

Remember that the state of Massachusetts has ordered the closure of all non-essential activities on the 24th of march to limit the pandemic Coronavirus COVID-19 is currently in progress.


Despite past attempts to Gamestop to call themselves a “business essential”, his services have not been defined as such.

There was no finebut the dealer has only received the order to close the shop.

At the moment we don’t know if Gamestop has kept open other stores in the United States and have tried to contact the company for a clarification about it.

It is a period that is not particularly lucky for the multinational, which this year is expected to cease completely the activity of well 320 stores around the world.

Source: GamesIndustry

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