Nintendo has up to date the catalogue of prizes for students enrolled in the program My Nintendo.


Here’s the full list:

Points Platinum

  • 30% discount on Cooking Mama: Bon Appetit – 220 Points Platinum


  • 50% discount on The Legend Of Zelda: Oracle Of Ages – 30 Points-Gold
  • 50% discount on The Legend Of Zelda: Oracle Of Seasons – 30 Points-Gold
  • 50% discount on Ultimate NES Remix – 200 Points-Gold

You can access the official website by following this link.

In our review of Ultimate NES Remix, we said that “It cost less and offered the same content as seen on the Wii U, Ultimate NES Remix, deserved certainly a higher mark. As it is, instead, this collection of challenges taken from 16 classic 8-bit is too spartan for the price, it lacks support to Miiverse and the “sop” of Super Mario Bros. with double speed leaves a little bit of the time that is. The level of challenge, however, there is everything and if you are players ultra competitive, you will spend several hours in an attempt to solve all the challenges with three coveted stars.

While The Legend Of Zelda: Oracle of Ages we have said that “it is a surprising title that deserves to be rediscovered, perhaps together with its twin Oracle of Seasons. The Zelda signed to Capcom, it seems, in fact, to challenge the player with a continuous series of brainy features puzzles from which we will really struggle to escape.

Source: Nintendo Everything