Disappeared the statements of developer Crytek on the specifics of PS5

There is mystery in the way in which PlayStation 5 is being presented to the public. The next-gen consoles Sony’s home, called to answer to the reveal on the design and specifications of the Xbox Series X – which will go hand-in-hand with her in the next – generation proved to be the first with the logo, and then taking weight of the keynote is intended to put off the GDC to open it to the public consumerwith results not really exciting.

Waiting to read more from Sony, emerge occasionally comments on the part of the developers working with the console, which anticipate some of its peculiarities and possibilities open development environments. One of these was the interview with Ali Salehi, engineer at Crytek, where it was explained how the hardware of PS5 to make “more easy” work on the machine from Sony.

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However, the interview has now been removed from the Network and, through the user who had shared and translated into English, Salehi did he know of “not to confirm more the content of the interview, for personal reasons.”

We do not know if it has been treated then the information that the developer has released prematurely, and that instead was called on to keep as confidential – by the need to remove them as soon as possible.

Now we return to the certainties, namely, that PS5 will come to the the end of 2020. To make the point about the specifics, we recommend the first and the second study in which we saw the console alongside the Xbox Series the X – to which Phil Spencer has mentioned even more happy, after the presentation held by Mark Cerny for the PlayStation 5.

Source: Twitter | VIA: GamesRadar

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