Super Smash Bros., Ultimate, Sakurai oversees the development of remote

The development of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate it is not yet complete, since there are still several characters to the appeal that will be made available via future DLC. With the pandemic Coronavirus COVID-19 is currently in progress, many people were forced to change their habits, even and especially in the workplace.

The director Masahiro Sakurai recently confirmed on Twitter to have changed its approach, deciding to oversee the work remotely. Sakurai has stated that this is a difficult process, especially given that the title is a project on which it is important to keep a high secrecy. However, the current conditions have not left other choice that to work on the updates in this manner.

super smash bros, masahiro sakurai

The next character, remember, taken from ARMSparticular fighting game of Nintendo in which the fighters are equipped with special arms are extendable, it will be unveiled and launched in June.

Last month, Sakurai, colleagues of the magazine Famitsu, he had explained he had to “post-place indefinitely the presentation of the new fighter, because of the effects of the new type of pneumonia“, adding that, unfortunately, “it was found an infected person in the building“in which the team works, which is why the offices have been sealed and for the moment, the entire development has been blocked.

Source: Nintendo Everything | VIA : Siliconera

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