Uncharted and the romantic sunsets – The Detail

Oh, crap: the article is full of spoilers on the end of the chapters in the Uncharted series!

Among the official games PlayStation Plus April 2020, there is also Uncharted 4: End of a Thief. Think of the last chapter in the story of Nathan Drake has brought me back to mind a particular curious of the whole series Naughty Dog. Without much ado, then, I want to retrace the heroic deeds of trust Born of focusing on the particular rather recurring.

Uncharted and the romantic sunsets – The Detail

In Uncharted, the order always arrives Elena

What is particularly beautiful of the whole series of Uncharted, at least according to me, it is the bond between Nathan and Elena. Every time I began a the title of this saga, my doubt is not related to the villain of the moment, the very ancient temples which inevitably would have disintegrated or the supporting characters. The questions I asked myself were: Nathan and Elena this time they were together? And if they are not together, how you will reconcile at the end of the game?

All the Uncharted are games from the dissonance ludo-narrative especially evident. In essence we have a guy who over the years has made a carnage of terrorists, mercenaries and so forth. And this same guy manages to create a new life, to have a daughter, and apparently to sleep peaceful at night knowing that you have left trails of blood long from here up to the ancient city of El Dorado.

But there is, there is calmly because in the soul the Uncharted are – I take full responsibility for the criminal and legal status of my statement – of the games the classical conception (old?). Of the games where the hero at the end, however, always wins, and despite his actions morally questionable we like and we want to live and be happy. The end of Uncharted make you feel good, and also a bit romanticone.

Among all these reflections, more or less valid remains to Elena, the center of gravity around which Nate turns, turns, turns and in the end returns. And it always ends the same way.

Uncharted and the romantic sunsets – The Detail

Sunsets, hugs, smiles,

Follow me in the reasoning: the end of Uncharted have elements particularly recurring.

We see the epilogue of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (take a look at it). The sun is disappearing on the horizon, Nate speaks with Elena, the two are about to kiss, but are interrupted by Sully. The three depart a boat into the sunset, full of good intentions – and some chests full of valuable loot. In the last sequence, Nate embraces Elena, everyone is happy and the resumption of the main theme accompanies the moment.

The first Uncharted it was a game far from perfect, and was improved in many aspects by Uncharted 2. And was improved – according to me – also in the final, with one of the dialogues most tender, romantic and fun that I remember in a video game (enjoy it here). Also here, the scene is similar. In the last sequence, after the departure of Chloe and Sully, Nate and Elena are alone. Their reconciliation has been rather turbulent, the girl has threatened to leave the pens, but in the end everything was resolved for the better, as must be in a Uncharted. And so Nate and Elena, arm in arm, looking towards the sun that is rising (that’s not a sunset, but we are there), and they dream of a future rich of projects. Personal opinion: the best final of the whole series.

Uncharted and the romantic sunsets – The Detail

Still, the sunsets, even hugs, more smiles

The final Uncharted 3 (here it is) returns to the great classics of the epilogues of the series, Naughty Dog. Also in the third chapter, the final sequences have a composition that could not be more traditional. The sun is low in the sky, the clouds are painted pink, and after a conversation with Sully (also great quality) Nate and Elena meet. The third chapter was the one where the couple has risked a serious break but, as it must be, in the end everything went for the better. And then the two hugged each other also in this case, you do not want to do is look to the future.

Thus, we come to the final chapter, Uncharted 4: End of a Thief. In reality, the epilogues of this title are two. I want to concentrate on the first one, the one that concludes the plot by following the timeline of what happened during the game. Which will never be the composition of the final scene? Let’s see here.

The sun is low in the sky, and Nathan and Elena meet. The girl surprises the protagonist revealing to him he has purchased the Jameson Marine. After a brief dialogue, we understand well the transformation of the characters, that after years of trying, I’ve come to a compromise. Elena accepts the life of Nate, made of exploration and treasure hunt, provided, however, that it all takes place in a complete legality (and maybe without mass murder – underlying message).

Uncharted and the romantic sunsets – The Detail

And Nate, who had in some way resigned to a “normal” life, accepts willingly. Does embracing Elena, in the “usual” romantic moment-tender-funthinking to the future, with the sun still has to rise. And repeating a phrase spoken by the girl in the end of the second Uncharted. The perfect closure of the circle of the narrative.

That, however, is not ended here, because in (true) concluding sequence we discovered the existence of Cassie, the daughter of Nathan and Elena, in a long scene that, frankly, gave a nice thrill.

Small note: also Uncharted: The Lost Legacy ended at sunset.

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