Resident Evil 3 Remake distributes two million copies in five days

Resident Evil 3 Remake he had an excellent debut: underline, has been directly Capcomcompany of japanese publisher of the game, with a note on its official website did you know that, currently, the copies distributed for the title on PC, PS4, Xbox One (including the console enhanced) have passed the 2 million units.

In this particular situation of uncertainty in the world, 50% of those copies were digital: according to Capcom to help in this sense was also-and above all Resident Evil REsistancegame/online mode already included within the title, which, following its open beta is generated “attention and strong response” on the part of the fans. Also, Capcom stresses that he wanted to put the accent precisely on a strategy of digital sales, which has helped to reach the 2 million copies five days since the launch of the gameover the past 3 April.

resident evil 3

These data, notes the company, alongside those of Resident Evil 2 Remake, released last year, which has exceeded 6.5 million units distributed, “demonstrating the success of Capcom on the lever iterations modern of its intellectual property the most famous.”

The franchise horror is the protagonist of hours, very hot in these days: multiple authoritative sources confirmed that the company has already put in the yard Resident Evil 4 Remake that Resident Evil 8that would be expected in the market, respectively, for the 2022 and 2021.

Source: Capcom

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