Nintendo Switch Pro with a second screen spotted in the new firmware

The firmware 10.0.0, released today in surprise, he introduced strings of code to support a new model of Nintendo Switchaccording to the findings of Twitter user @hexkyz.

According to the player, this fabled Nintendo Switch Pro it would have been spotted in the code of the last update, which would add “preliminary support for a new hardware model”.

The source is not known in the field of information but is followed on Twitter by several prominent members of the hacking scene, as stated on ResetErathat would seem to give some credibility to his surveys.

The code name of the console is “nx-abcd”evidently provisional, and only provided as a placeholder for what will eventually be the name of the next hardware revision of the Switch.

“Three of the five new profiles of DRAM are for this new type of hardware”is the law still in the analysis provided via Twitter, which would suggest a higher computing power or at least speed for the new model.

Also, the code would include “the test of a the sub-display of some kind that would be coming added exclusively on this model.”

Nintendo gave up on the second screen once the family console, DS and 3DS, but apparently could think of to come back for a second hardware revision of the Switch, after that of the original model, and Switch Lite.


The latest rumor, and forecasts, authoritative, spoke of an announcement and a launch Switch Pro in program for mid-2020.

The Big N has, however, disproved this hypothesis: we do not know if for a program change in the race, or because this model is upgraded does not exist at all.

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