Players of Team Fortress 2 remember Rick May

Some time ago the news of the untimely death of Rick Maysinger the famous, among others, also to work on video games as Star Fox 64 and Team Fortress 2, where he had put the uniform of the soldier. To celebrate his departure and to keep alive the memory, the players have thus decided to organize a moment of greeting, moving to a training ordered.

At the right time, then, all involved have performed the military salute known as the “21-gun”, firing a few shots consecutively as you do, usually, in the funeral ceremonies for the fallen. Immediately after, the players have performed in the greeting, putting on the alert.

Players of Team Fortress 2 remember Rick May

The testimony of their gesture was shared on the internet, with other players who have reported to have undertaken similar actions to remind the speaker disappeared.

The news comes on the same day that we learned that a player Final Fantasy XIV is disappeared due to the coronavirus. The other members of the community, also saw that the funeral processions are currently impractical in the real world, they have decided to omaggiarlo within the game, organize one for the regions in-game.

Team Fortress 2 it is a first-person shooter available since 2007 and developed by Valve. Received excellently by the critics, is today one of the most popular video games in the world.

Source: DualShockers

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