Too much piracy: the FIEG asks the Nra to suspend Telegram

It is not the first time that Telegram raises controversies: you will recall that some time ago the messaging app was finished in the spotlight in Russia because of the refusal to provide access to certain data, which the authors of the app they felt would have violated the right to privacy of the users. Today, however, to point the finger at the instant messaging application was the The Italian Federation Of Newspaper And Magazine Publishersthat with an official statement on its corporate website announced that he had asked The nra of suspend Telegram.

The reason for this requested resides in the piracy. As explained in the press release, in fact, the analysis of the FIEG highlight how it is grown enormously “the illicit spread of newspapers on the platform“, highlighting the fact that the thing has “reached intolerable levels, to the rule of law.”

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The Federation shows it has detected, in the ten channels are monitored, 580mila total users (46% of whom are interested in the last three months), with an increase of 88% of the heads here illegally spread.

According to FIEG, estimating the rebound of these pirated copies out by Telegram, this is because losses of 670 thousand euros per day, about 250 million euro a year: a fact of which I am confident that the Authorities of the industry desire to intervene with a firm and timely manner” he explained Andrea Riffeser Monti, president of the Federation.

We will see what will be the response of the Nra on the issue reported by the FIEG.

We thank Giorgio Conti for the signaling.

Source: FIEG

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