China ‘declares war’ to Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons is available for a few weeks, exclusively on the Nintendo console Switch, more precisely, from the 20th of last march.

Now, in spite of the success of critics and public, there is a question that is making to discuss, the owners of the game, more precisely, those who live in China.

It is known that the chinese population has recently suffered some harassment from the government, especially on the matter of the protests to Hong Kongthat from 2019, plague the city with a series of events related to the draft law on extradition of fugitives to countries where there are no extradition agreements.

China ‘declare war’ for Animal Crossing New Horizons

How you connect the question to Animal Crossing? Simple: Nintendo has recently tightened the various trade agreements with the colossus Tencentin order to sell the Switch on the chinese territory. The problem is that Animal Crossing New Horizons has been used by several people to give vent to a real “virtual protest” in support of the freedom struggle of the citizens of Hong Kong.

This obviously has put on alert the chinese government – by always the little democrat to this kind of things – so much so that Animal Crossing New Horizons is not the most affordable on the chinese soilin addition to being removed from the eShop.

At the moment it is not clear if and when Nintendo will decide to intervene on the issue, decidedly thorny and very little flattering, in respect of a game – Animal Crossing – that should be a hymn to peace and sharing.

Source: BBC

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