Fortnite, here are all the news of the update 12.40

Epic Gameswith the update, 12.40, has introduced a series of new content for the mode “Save the world” the popular Fortnite.

Specifically, completing the series of tasks Wreck-it ralph we will be able to unlock the soldier mythic Carbide and the Ninja legendary Star cloaked.


In addition, starting from the 18th of April, we will be able to find the weapon, “Uov-endicatore” in the store of the event, which will be able to throw eggs on the Gods, with the explosion to contact.

Finally, starting from the 25th of April, always in the shop for the event, we will be able to find the Rabbit Moon Mastiff. For all the information related to the skills and bugs fixed for this mode, please consult the dedicated page on the official site.

With regard to the Creative modehave been added , as other objects Galleries, objects from the Temple of the jungle and the hot food. You can find the long full changelog on the site.

Recently, the software house has announced that Season 2, which was to expire on 30 April, now will go on until the 4th of June next, took the what will be the moment of Season 3. During this period of time, not to bore the players, will be provided continuously new content on a weekly basis.

In addition, it seems that the launch of Call Of Duty Warzone has encroached heavily on the popularity of Fortnite in the field of Battle Royale.

Source: Official website

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