Sony has had to rush the announcement of the DualSense of PS5 for fear of the leak

When we saw the announcement of DualSensethe controller PlayStation 5our curiosity related to the communication strategy set in place by Sony have found further material. We wondered how the health emergency in the course, has forced the japanese company to revise travel plans for the presentation of the new console generation and, according to the sources Bloombergit was just that. But not only that.

In a report published on the websiteof which we have reported on the most salient points, in fact, we learn that despite not finding currently, with the shortage of inventory (not even in the perspective, but with COVID-19 things are unpredictable) for PS5, Sony has still had to put his hand to his communication strategy. And not only that: last march you would have had to keep the meeting to approve the business plans for the fiscal year now in progress, but has slipped to the 30th of April next. And he could slip again.

Sony has had to rush l’announcement of DualSense of PS5 for fear of the leak

In the midst of this situation, have changed also the plans related to the advertisements PS5: “the virus has already overturned the promotional plans of Sony” writes Bloomberg, “the company might give up to hold a public conference for reveal the price and output of the PS5owing to fears triggered by the pandemic. Recently, it was also forced to reveal the controller DualSense in a hurry, according to sources close to the matter.”

There is a reason why very precise, behind this choice, which was the fear of the leakreveals a source Bloomberg:

While only a small number of people know the final appearance of PS5, the controller has already been shared with external developers and the company feared that he would never be able to control the leak.

If, then, the announcement through The PlayStation Blog all the details of the DualSense is played at the very least unusual, even in the midst of a pandemic, we now have confirmation that it has been a patch over a hole caused by the many unforeseen of this 2020.

Source: Bloomberg

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