GTA online and the wheel of fortune (time) – detail

From what I have finished GTA Vnow years ago, GTA Online it has always remained there, on my hard disk, ready for a game every now and then. So I finished the five robberies initial. And then I witnessed the introduction of new mechanics, is always less adherent to the reality of the single player and closer to a new world. Because the online sector of the title Rockstar it’s really a separate universe with its own rules and dynamics.

In an article a couple of months ago, we wrote that GTA 6 will not be the same after GTA Online, and after returning to play daily on the streets of Los Santos, to me it is rather easy to understand why.

Among all the details above the lines in which you can find in the multiplayer, one has really impressed me.

GTA online and the wheel of fortune (time) – detail

The reality is not too peaceful of GTA Online

Play GTA Online without knowing a minimum of how things work from the parts of Los Santos means going to meet we rather frequent. Play in a public session, it was always a test of survival, since the other players often don’t want to blow up anything that moves on the screen. With the introduction of trinkets, technological advances, such as the Oppressor MK II, then, things are even more complicated, because to move from one side to the other of the map it becomes very easy, and with guided missiles to make a mess is even more simple.

If you are lucky enough to have a friend or a small group of people with which to have fun, though, you can throw in a session of calls to enjoy with calm the many options of the game. Even you can be able to do a race with the Progen PR4 (a kind of F1 years ’80 -’90) without crashing fatally at the first corner because the victim of kamikaze pilots. Ah, about PR4, one of the mysteries of the game for me remains the fact that the machine literally disassemble as you go on posts on the highway that leads out of town.

Considerations clouds to part, the kind of luck I want to talk about relates to one of the latest additions to GTA Onlineor the Casino Diamond.

GTA online and the wheel of fortune (time) – detail

Robberies imaginative and money grabbing

The introduction of the Casino Diamond, long overdue and took place last summer, has brought up a few month after the robbery dedicated to the same casino. Following up a bit the delicious logic of GTAthe same activities that before we helped make the best (in the introductory missions), can now also be broken.

The robbery presents the dynamics rather complex and that I’m not going to explain in this venue. In any case, after it has been completed in all three approaches are possible (and have caught, always the worst case in terms of earnings), they are still back in the casino for a reason that the players GTA Online more or less scafati know well. I’m talking about the wheel of fortune.

Yes, because when you enter in the casino, you immediately see a few things. The reception desk, the generic NPC’s desperate for having lost everything that often can be found in the vicinity of the port, and then a car or a motorcycle. These, put in a good show, can be overcome by turning the wheel of fortune placed there, near.

Not always is the game worth the candle, in the sense that not always the machine, the date of the award is to those from rubbing your eyes. In the moment in which I write, for example, the prize is a Deluxo, car steering wheel inspired by the legendary DeLorean DMC-12 Back to the Future. It is a bit of a vehicle when compared with other flying vehicles introduced in the course of the months, but it’s worth a try to arraffarla.

Once you enter the world of the wheel of fortune GTA Onlinereveals some strange things. For example, the title informs us that the probability of winning the means is a 20. A little low, of course. Every day, in addition, it is possible to turn the wheel only once. But the well-informed know how to manipulate a minimum luck.

GTA online and the wheel of fortune (time) – detail

Spin the wheel, spin the wheel, spin the wheel

Now here you enter in the field of urban legends, of the found miraculous or solutions from whisper-mouth close, you never know that in so many the are know. Turning to the internet, and especially on Reddityou can be invaded by methods that would ensure the winning cars and motorcycles wheel of fortune casino GTA Online.

The first step relates to the possibility of being able to turn the wheel for as many times as you want. There are guides for both console and PC. Since I play right on the computer, I know how to turn the wheel as many times as I want. It is sufficient to resize the icon the game a couple of times before the wheel stops, disable the network adapterback on the single, re-enable the network adapter, and then re-enter online. Easy.

To win, then, is another question. From what I could see, there are two methods used to try to work around the luck. The first is that of the 4 secondsas explained on this thread of Reddit. Before turning the wheel, in other words, must be expected to four seconds (best if timed). If you do everything to the thousandth of a second, the success is often guaranteed.

The other method is that of the analogue stick. You place the lever between the hours of ten and eleven, expect a couple of seconds and then start to move the lever down, pushing it all the way to the left.

GTA online and the wheel of fortune (time) – detail

These methods work or not? In my experience, they are, however, required patience and many attempts before winning. But if it takes many attempts, it means that the game enters the likelihood. And if the game enters the likelihood, perhaps the ratio of one to 20, however, has its importance…

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