Jumped also Anime Expo: appointment to 2021

They are now much the most amazing fairs that try to stick to their calendars, in this 2020, of those that are deleted for obvious health reasons, in view of the ongoing emergency. So, after the E3 and Gamescom, which are well known to us gamers, we report that also Anime Expo had to say goodbye to this year’s edition, referring to the fan directly to 2021.

The exhibition, dedicated to japanese culture – video games included – would be held from 2 to 5 July at the Convention Center in Los Angeles. On the official website, however, the organizers have announced the cancellation, saying that it was “one of the most difficult decisions we had to make in the last twenty-nine years of Anime Expo.”

Jumped also Anime Expo: appointment to 2021

After having explained the health reasons that led to this decision, stressing that “we can’t continue to organize in good faith the event this year”the organizers have confirmed that those who have already have the badge will be totally refundedor , they can see it coming converted to Anime Expo 2021.

The appointment now moves, in effect, for the next year, with the dates that remain the same: it is hoped that from 2 to 5 July 2021 fans can finally enjoy a bit of healthy, normal, chatting with the cult works that come from Japan.

Source: Anime Expo

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