Devolver Digital it is now a publisher famous for its video games of great personalities, among which there are small productions that have so much to say. Are these titles to be the protagonists of the balances of the weekend Steamthat will allow you to save up to 90% on the usual cost of a list of many of the proposals of the house Devolver.

The games of Devolver Digital in promotion up to 90% off on Steam

The offerings, which shall remain in and be up to 19.00 Italian time, on Monday, will let you save on several famous names, such as Serious Sam or Hotline Miami. Below is a list of some of the games on sale:

  • My Friend Pedro a 10,07€ instead of 16,79€
  • Katana Zero a 8,36€ instead of 12,49€
  • GRIS 8.49€ instead 16,99€
  • Shadow Warrior 2 at 9.24€ instead of 36,99€
  • Enter The Gungeon + Exit The Gungeon 14.11€ instead of 23,18€
  • Hotline Miami Collection to 7,20€ instead 38,47€
  • Bee Out a 6,74€ instead of 14,99€
  • Broforce a 3,49€ (instead of 13,99€
  • Downwell 1.49€ instead of 2,99€
  • The Shadow Warrior a 8,74€ instead of 34,99€
  • Serious Sam 3 a 3,69€ instead of 36,99€
  • Serious Sam 2 to 1,99€ instead of 9,99€
  • Reigns’s 1.49€ instead of 2,99€
  • Reigns’s: Game of Thrones to 1,99€ instead of 3,99€
  • Gods will be watching at 2.24€ instead of 8,99€
  • Not a hero a 3,24€ instead of 12,99€
  • The Talos Principles VR a 5,54€ instead of 36,99€

The list, as you may have deduced, is extremely long. If you want to see it in its entirety, to take advantage of discounts, you can do so directly to the link that we propose below: