Crackdown 1 and 2 now free on Xbox One

Good news for all lovers of destruction open world: Microsoft has decided to give all players the opportunity to download – absolutely free – Crackdown and Crackdown 2.

This address you can get your hands on the first chapter, while here you can start the download of the sequel.

The two titles are available on both Xbox One and Xbox 360, thanks to the backwards compatibility enabled by the hardware of the House of Redmond.


Crackdown appeared for the first time in 2007, developed by Realtime Worlds and published by Microsoft Game Studios exclusively for the Xbox 360. In the title, the player is called to take control of a superagente genetically modified capable of performing actions that are impossible (like jumping from one building to another, or lifting the means of transport).

The objective of vigilant is to clean up the city from three criminal gangs without any scruples, i.e. the Los Muertos (hispanics), the Volk (i.e. the russians) and the Shai-gen (the asians).

In July 2010 it was the turn instead of the official sequel, Crackdown 2, which took up a large part of the features of the predecessor.

Let us also remember that Crackdown 3 it is available from the month of February, 2019, for Xbox One and Windows 10. In our review of the game, we stressed that “it is not a title involved and challenging, and this play – along with the availability from the first day on Xbox Game Pass – much to his advantage. Historically, IP has no weapons to compete against the other giants of the genre more “serious” (if you are thinking of Marvel’s Spider-Man, and the interpretation which is diametrically opposite of the kind of reference, you are not alone).”

Source: Xbox | Via: N4G

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