Nintendo will produce more Switches in 2020, in spite of the coronavirus

Nintendo it will produce more Switch in 2020, as compared to last year, or at least this is the intention.

The intention is leaked thanks to a report Nikkei Asian Reviewthat shows how – in spite of the pandemic of coronavirus – production will grow 10%.

The production is also expected to increase in response to the problems that have emerged recently, such as the use of some furboni a bot to acquire stocks and sell them at higher prices.

The Big N has commented on the reconstruction while keeping the tone more cautious, since that is still struggling to find the components needed to fulfill his plan.

nintendo switch animal crossing new horizons

“We hope that vendors will be responsive to the increase in production”, explained a spokesperson, “but, for the availability of some parts, the outlook remains uncertain, and we can not predict exactly how many Switches will be provided”.

Considering that they were produced 20 million units in 2019, is self-evident that the increase will bring this figure up to 22 million this year.

The estimate is derived from the increase of requests received by the partners who are providing components to Nintendo: let’s talk about even a +50% compared to what is planned for the next quarter.

If nothing else, this way Nintendo will allow players to not resort to gimmicks such as this Switch is made in the house in times of quarantine, and poor availability.

Source: WCCFTech

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