Sony apologized for the delay for the repair of a Playstation 4 Pro with a small gift

The pandemic Coronavirus COVID-19 is being influenced heavily in all areas of the daily life of billions of people around the world, causing several delays.

The user Reddit pnut88 he posted a long time ago in support of their Playstation 4 Pro, which reported several problems during the reading of the Blu Ray.

Recently, Sony Interactive Entertainment he returned the console working perfectly to the rightful owner, enclosing a letter in which apologizes for the wait and a copy of MLB The Show 20. Also the game was applied to a sticky note which contained the phrase “Good fun! Greetings from Deric. Also, add me on PSN” hand-written.

The console was part of the bundle, the limited edition God Of War and it seems that the cost of repairs was us $ 164.

playstation 4 pro sony coronavirus

Speaking to colleagues of MP1ST, the user also explained that he never complained with Sony for the delay that was undergoing repair. This means that the company was simply very polite and wanted to make a small gesture to brighten the days of a client of his in a period so difficult for everyone.

Finally, given that pnut88 was not very interested in the title, has sent to another user Reddit that play MLB The Show 19 with his wife.

Source: Dual Shockers | VIA: Reddit

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