The Shattering, the fragments of buried memories – Review

The Shattering born from the passion of five friends and an idea of Marta Szymańskain that period he was studying the contrast of white and black in the horror entertainment, in video games and in the culture. The theme revolved around the premise that the horrors and the fear could be represented using the white and the absence of information, rather than the black, and the presence of monsters and enemies. The Shattering however, it is not a horror, or try to be never in the different junctures of the game; want to outline the best of the troubled life of a man of the past through the psychological traumas that have shaped his personality and his way of life, now subjugated by his mental health as poor (about video games and introspection).

The Shattering – Memories buried

In The Shatteringtrauma as triggering of John are buried in his memory, unwilling to resurface (and ultimately accept) events from childhood marked him. In a dazzling white and aseptic, which did not give points of reference, you will come across in the protagonist while ago a session by a psychiatrist, who uses hypnosis to induce him to abandon himself to himself and reliving what long has grieved. In the course of five chapters by the total duration of about 4-5 hoursthe story touches on the highlights of the past John, who go from childhood to adulthood, bringing to light all those secrets that have been fraudulently concealed, which lie at the bottom of consciousness.

The Shattering, the fragments of buried memories – Review

John is a writer in the first chapter of the game reveals the memory of when he sought peace in a hotel, unable to tolerate the slightest noise that distracted him from work. John, we note a strong tendency to alcoholism, to the exaggerations that are the result of serious cognitive distortion and self-harm. But it is in the course of the adventure that will come to the surface the true reasons for these behaviors.
The psychiatrist looks for the source of inhibitions in the mind of the patient by digging into the past, trying to build a foundation upon which to build the relationship of trust and awareness of the protagonist. Here, then, that John will relive the terrible oppression suffered by the child, the failures of the age of the post-adolescent, hospitalization, psychiatric after a bad crash, and a story went down the drain, along with the other events recounted through a mixture of narration, environmental, and classical.

Considering the topics covered, The Shattering can’t be as effective as it should be, leaving inexplicably in the back of some good ideas that are not sufficiently in-depth. The final mediocre and a little punchy, that will not leave you anything on me, fails to maintain the same standard of a couple of scenes rather successful, nor can the rest of the adventure. The Shattering dare not when it should, tells a story far too generic and makes the mistake of wanting to put the fate and the life of the protagonist with that of too many common people. The hope of the developers was obviously to stimulate users to have spontaneous outpourings of empathy that they would have to give a better understanding of what John had passed; on the contrary, for some of the events and anything else that is dramatic, the players will gather to minimize those traumas, declassandoli problems, certainly not existential. Some delays of the game system, that forces you to linger on elements of the outline, it does help to focus on what matters most, with the result to appear The Shattering like a roller coaster of emotions from the sinusoidal curve is small and without spikes.

The Shattering, the fragments of buried memories – Review

The white that wraps itself around everything

The Shattering adventure is a strongly story drivenwhere there is no space to manoeuvre, to operate in any manner other than as established firmly by the developers. As a walking simulator with a mild elements from puzzle games, the work of Super Sexy Software lets the story hit on the player, making it interact with a few objects, of which only a couple turns out to be really useful for the progress along the chapters. Sometimes, in The Shattering it is not even so clear how you should act, and analyze scenarios for attempts is something that you’ll find yourself doing more than once.

This is not difficulties generated by the puzzle, which in reality are almost non-existent, but some of the forcings of design that are The Shattering among the titles conceptually, the beginning of the years two thousand. Although some situations in the game are not intuitive, others managed to return the opposite impression, by dividing the game into two distinct blocks that seem to be programmed with philosophies different. Very interesting are the stages where you have to answer some of the questions that the psychiatrist puts, which are useful to understand such inclinations, the temperament you have, with the Rorschach test, but were associated with only two types of answers to give.

Artistically The Shattering makes clever use of absolute white to create images in which the player loses visual orientation, putting an emphasis on some of the objects that tell a lot about the past of the protagonist. Curious is also the choice not to show any human figure, as to want to depersonalize all of them. During the dialogues you will see the objects move by themselves, as if an invisible force was using, while the entries provide the auditory stimuli useful to remember the past and to paint the uncertainties of the present. Graphically The Shattering it is very basic and does a school use Unitywith environments rather collected that do not offer big views visual. Good instead the intuition to appear of the phrases inside of the game screens, on the walls and on the floor, pushing with force the words weigh like boulders.

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