PS5 and Xbox Series X planned again for the end of the year, “but internally they look at the clock”

A report by Jason Schreier to the The New York Times reveals how Microsoft and Sony do not have only the statements of the facade, confirming the output of Xbox Series X and PS5 in 2020, but that “in-house” begin to look at the situation of the COVID-19 with a certain nervousness.

“Both Microsoft and Sony said that their consoles remain on track” for the launch planned for the christmas season, but begins to shine through a fair dose of concern for the evolution of the pandemic that is bringing down the planet.

“In-house”he explained, in fact, Schreier, “still watching the clock”, observing, not without discomfort, the passing of time while the individual states where they are expected to be produced in the console – China all – try to exit from the crisis.

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According to Bloomberg, the production of PS5 should start in June, although with a limited amount of consoles that would be available to the actual launch, and a price above expectations.

“The new games are what they do go on the market”, he added Mat Piscatella of the NPD Group on the issue of the potential postponement of the next-gen.

If the console were to be postponedthis would have an impact on what we’ll see in the market, there is no doubt about it”he said.

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This means that it would trigger a domino effect of large proportions, in the case in which one of the two contenders, or both, should raise the white flag.

A perspective that the industry is trying to avoid in every possible way.

Source: The New York Times

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