Riot joins forces with ESPN for tournaments in esports of Valorant

The ambitions of the Riot Games for Valorant have been clear from the outset. After all, if you put a video game competitive, which looks to Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, could not be otherwise. Thus, in addition to the technical structure that must hold in the foot with optimum performance and latency non-existent, and apart from the war to the cheater for which the company is decided to pay cash, even the coverage for tournaments in esports in the title will be generous.

We learn, in fact, that Riot Games will see competition between eight teams Valorant that place from 20 to 22 April, be transmitted from the channel Twitch of the issuer ESPN.

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“Professional players, legends and streamer popular some of the most famous competitive games in the world – including Fortnite, Counter-Strike, and Apex Legends – battle in the tournament to eight of Valorant, the new game from Riot Games that is disrupting the Network since its arrival in the closed beta last week” writes ESPN in the press release of the announcement of the transmissions.

You can follow the events live on the channel, all the days and 22 April inclusive, directly in the player in the embed tag, which we propose below.

Watch live video of ESPN Esports on

Please note that Valorant it will be a shooter competitive focused strongly on the component tactics. The different characters are equipped with unique weapons and will always be the skill of the player to make heavily difference. Our first impressions were very positive, as we have told you in the video tried.

The output is waiting for the 2020 on PC.

Source: ESPN

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