Crash Bandicoot Mobile arrives in some markets

Some time ago there were widespread leaks and rumors suggested that the arrival of Crash Bandicoot Mobileadaptation for smartphone of the famous franchise platform in the hands of Activision – recently at the center of a new youth thanks to the excellent work done with the returns of Crash Bandicoot N. Healthy Trilogy and Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled.

Although they are not arriving other concrete news since then, we point out that the game is experiencing a soft launch in some markets, where it is already downloaded and available, at least on Android. For the moment we do not see him still waiting on the Play Store Italian, but it could be a matter of time to see it begin.

Crash Bandicoot Mobile arrives in some markets

In the meantime, here you can find the first gameplay video that shows the mechanics: let’s talk about a endless runner (the proposed model, among the many, also by Super Mario Runin other words, a video game in which the character runs by itself, indefinitelywith the player called to him dodge obstacles and possibly to collect objects.

According to the official description, “Crash and Coco team up to stop the evil plans of Dr. Neo Cortex to destroy the multiverse!”

Within the game, the famous antagonist has infested the world with his henchmen mutagenic, in an attempt to enslave all, and submission to his yoke. Coco and Crash will then have to kick them soundly where did they come from – and will be able to jump, glide, and rotate on themselves, to do so.

Among the other characters of the return are confirmed also Brio and Dingodile, with the game, which will also propose some of the scenarios are very familiar to fans of the franchise – such as the Ruins or the Turtle Woods. You can also broaden the base, Cocowith your progress, unlocking an arsenal of weapons such as bombs and guns-ray – loadable even with the nitro.

We are now awaiting further details on the Italian launch.

Source: ResetEra

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