Dogs and the Brotherhood of Steel arrive on Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is to accommodate the pet for the first time since the launch of the 2018.

To give the news was the project lead Jeff Gardiner during a Reddit LOVES, in which he explained that their introduction will be made possible by the system of companion implemented in Wastelanders.

“Now that we have our companion in the game, we are aiming to also add pets”he explained Gardiner.

Fallout 4 had a pet between the companion available along the whole arc of the story, Dogmeatand then it would not be a debut ever for the series.

fallout 76 wastelanders dlc

Gardiner has also anticipated that the Brotherhood of Steel from the previous chapters of the franchise might soon reach the Fallout 76 to do damage.

“Let’s just say that the Brotherhood are watching now the wasteland of the West Virginia very near”he confided cryptic first teaser.

There is so much to fix in Fallout 76 Wastelandersas discovered on their own skin by the players that you are seen stealing equipment from the companion to every game over, but if nothing else, the basis is now richer.


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